Drinking Chocolate

Drinking Chocolate versus Hot Chocolate

The most common question that we get asked is what is the difference between premium hot chocolate and drinking chocolate. To put it simply, it's what's in the package that makes the difference. The standard gourmet hot chocolate mix has the "chocolate" in the form of cocoa powder whereas drinking chocolate also has real chocolate in each pack. So the best hot chocolate packets are actually drinking chocolate.


Easy To-Go Packets

We all have busy lives and more often than not, we have somewhere to be and something that we need to do. Treehouse Originals' single serving drinking chocolate is made for people to take with them out on their adventure. Whether that is on the top of Mount Hood, the office, or the living room—we got you covered. All that is required of you to enjoy a cup is to just add hot water. Then you're set to go enjoy your adventure with a delicious cup in your hand.

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