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Mocha Drinking Chocolate

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Indulge in our premium 72% cacao drinking chocolate, the perfect vegan treat for coffee and chocolate lovers. Whether you're going backpacking and want an easy morning coffee option or just want a getup and go vegan mocha option for your morning life-hack, we've got you covered! Made with organic instant coffee and real dark chocolate from high-quality, organic cacao, this rich and luxurious beverage is sourced sustainably from a Oro Verde farmer-owned cooperative in Northern Peru.

Our vegan drinking chocolate is carefully crafted without any preservatives or refined sugars, offering a guilt-free indulgence. We prioritize ethically-sourced wholesome ingredients to provide you with a delightful and conscious choice.

Each batch of our hot chocolate is meticulously prepared to showcase the unique flavors of every cacao bean. Our modern approach, inspired by traditional European techniques, allows us to unlock the full potential of the sourced beans. The result? A decadent, fruity, and fudge-like hot chocolate experience that truly embodies the artistry of craft chocolate making.

Whether you're a vegan chocolate connoisseur, a coffee enthusiast seeking a vegan alternative, or a fan of vegan food in general, our vegan 72% cacao drinking chocolate is a must-try. Perfect for backpacking adventures and camping trips, this portable and delicious treat will be a delightful addition to your outdoor escapades.

Indulge in the flavors of vegan chocolate and vegan coffee combined in our thoughtfully-crafted drinking chocolate. Experience the decadence of vegan food while immersing yourself in the great outdoors. Don't miss out on this vegan-friendly backpacking food and camping coffee option that combines taste and sustainability. Elevate your adventures with our vegan 72% cacao drinking chocolate and savor the essence of true craft chocolate making.

Just Add Hot Water!

Product Description

Each pouch of our vegan Mocha drinking chocolate not only contain rich dark chocolate but a full cup of organic coffee.


• °Cacao beans
• °Cane sugar
• °Cocoa powder
• °*Coconut milk powder
• °Coffee
• Sea salt
• Guar gum
• °Vanilla bean

*contains coconut


1. Empty contents into mug
2. Add 6oz steaming water or milk
3. Stir passionately and enjoy

A Eureka Moment Story...

I'll never forget the first time I saw a cacao pod in the jungle. After tromping through waist high 'buffalo grass'... I saw rows of 10 foot tall trees hidden beneath the shade of towering jungle canopy.

Later, I learned cacao is referred to as an 'understory crop'. Understory crops cannot survive without the shade of the 'overstory' jungle canopy to shade them. Thus, the success of the cacao tree is naturally linked to the abundance of its flourishing surroundings.

The idea of chocolate as the key to preserving the jungle, began my journey began, learning how to steward these incredible trees as a cacao farmer, and to later take this crop to market as a chocolate maker.

The Mocha Story...

If there's one thing I enjoy more than chocolate, it's a good adventure! Ever since I was a kid I would try to get lost exploring the bustling streets of Singapore. I watched the world travelers filter through with stories of mountain escapes and distant temples.

Later, I followed their footsteps in adventures extending from the outer islands of Indonesia, surfing, diving, crewing on sailboats, to solo trips to the Himalayas and hitchhiking from Hanoi to Saigon.

Too often, sadly, I found myself unimpressed with the local morning brew...

I wanted to make an incredible mocha which can be made using just hot water. So whether you find yourself waking up in a Tokyo airport, or on the top of a Himalayan Mountain range, you can still make the most amazing mocha ever!


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