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Coconut Latte

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Coconut Latte with instant coffee

Imagine the sheer delight of sipping a velvety coconut cream latte, where the lush, tropical notes of coconut harmonize perfectly with our organic, fair-trade instant coffee, each serving offering a 56 grams of caffeine.

Whether you're nestled in the serenity of your own oasis, exploring the wilderness of your in-laws' retreat, or escaping to an Airbnb haven—wherever your adventurous spirit takes you, and whenever the desire for a creamy, coconut-infused Blue Bottle café-quality espresso drink strikes, our offering is your gateway to indulgence.

Our artisanal craft transforms premium organic, fair-trade coffee into aromatic crystals, infused with the essence of espresso and the tropical allure of coconut. Crafting consistently delightful coconut cream lattes becomes a breeze, a luxurious fusion that pampers your palate like a tropical symphony.

This enticing package brings you five individual sachets, each a delicious ode to the untamed epicurean within us all, delivering 56 grams of caffeine in every heavenly sip of your coconut cream latte


Product Description

Original Coconut Latte has fair-trade organic instant coffee with organic coconut milk. A portable coconut latte.



• Coconut milk powder (organic)
• Coconut sugar (organic)
• instant coffee(fair-trade + organic)

Dietary Info

Naturally Gluten-Free


1. Empty one tablespoon of powdered coconut latte into 6 oz hot water
2. Stir or whisk Passionately
3. Enjoy


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