Supplier Request

Treehouse Original tries to create products that are as sustainable as possible. This goes for the ingredients that make up Treehouse products as well as the packaging that the product go into.

We are always open to new ways to try to make our product have the most impact to our customers but the smallest impact to our planet.

Supply Ingredients

Are you a supplier of organic ingredients? If you are interested in supplying these ingredients, please fill out the form below if you supply any listed.

Supply Packaging Materials

Do you produce packaging materials? We current use roll stock and zippered gusseted bags for our products. If you’re interested in supplying packaging materials, please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon!

We are looking into new packaging options!

We are looking for some potential new packaging for our multi-serving products such as food-safe paper or tin cans. Have any ideas? Please let us know!


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