Our newest flavor is packed with a swirl of exciting flavors- our original drinking chocolate combined with Peruvian Panca Aji Chili, and Red Ape Cinnamon.
We wanted to share a little bit about the impeccable ingredients that go into our spiced chocolate.
Red Ape Cinnamon  
Red Ape Cinnamon is a wonderful company I encourage you to check out and support!
At Red Ape the cinnamon is farmed in Sumatra, certified organic and sustainably harvested. 
5% of all profits from Red Ape Cinnamon goes toward adoption & habitat restoration in Sumatra, a region where slash & burn farming techniques diminish their jungle habitat.
I grew up in Southeast Asia, a region that is home to Orangutans. Each year on my birthday we would head to the Orangutan sanctuary and share breakfast with these gentle creatures. 
Red Ape also adopts an Oragutan each year, and you can too!
To learn more and vote which oragatun you think they should adopt this year, head over to redapecinnamon.com
Eating breakfast in Singapore with my Orangutan friend, Ah Meng! I think this was my 6th birthday. I swear I was excited about the orangutan....though there must've been other captivating creatures off in the distance!


      Our Chili is imported from Topara Organica cooperative, via a direct trade relationship setup by Andina Restaurant (a Portland based Peruvian restaurant).  Toper Organica Cooperative is the only certified organic nursery in the country of Peru.  Topara Organica is a huge community leader and works closely with neighboring farms, training them in organic agriculture, to help spread this practice throughout Peru.
Aji, or Chili peppers, are native to Peru, and are the base of most Peruvian cuisine. The three Aji varieties most commonly used are Amarillio, Limo, and our favorite panda!  Panca variety is the least spicy and most flavorful, often noted as having green pepper and fruity notes.
Please visit http://www.culinarycollective.com/staging/passport-to-peru/ to learn more about Topara Organica and Aji Panca.


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