Beat the Heat this Weekend

Pacific Northwest folks, we're in for another serious heat wave. Here's a few tips for getting outside and escaping the heat.


GO UNDERGROUND: Arnold Ice Caves

Arnold Ice Caves are about 12 miles Southeast of Bend Oregon. These lava tubes consist of about 19 caves that all add up to about 4.5 miles of underground exploration. Weirdly enough, these caves were originally the source of all Bend's ice-cubes and you can still find some of this historic mining equipment if you look deep enough. Pretty incredible!


FIND WATER: Suttle Lake Lodge

Suttle Lake is a super deep lake at high elevation, which keeps it cool even in the most extreme temps. This is the perfect spot for a glampy weekend getaway. You can enjoy an old fashion country breakfast at the boathouse cafe, then go jump off the docks or just go put up a hammock on the beach and get lost in a good book. Suttle Lake is also super close to the Pacific Crest Trail, so you can hike a section of it and get a feel for what it must be like to be a PCT thru-hiker. Either way you're sure to stay cool and refreshed as you bask in the beauty of the Oregon cascades.



Even on the hottest of days in the Willamette Valley, if you just hop over to the Oregon Coast, you can expect temperatures in the 60s along the shores. Bring a picnic lunch, go find yourself a nice little cove that's protected from the chilly north winds and take a sun nap. Did you know the novel Dune was inspired while Frank Herbert was working as a biologist in the Florence dunes?Maybe you should go check them out before the new Dune movie comes out?


Wherever your weekend adventure takes you, stay safe out there and make sure to pack your favorite on-the-go Treehouse treat!⁣


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