Mocha - 10 Pack Case

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72% Cacao with coffee.

Premium drinking chocolate crafted using organic cacao sourced from Oro Verde farmer owned cooperative in Northern Peru.  10 Single serving packs.

*contains organic dairy

Ingredients: °cacao beans, °cocoa butter, °cane sugar °cocoa powder, *nonfat drymilk, *coffee, guar gum sea salt, carob bean gum, °vanilla bean







The Camp Story...

If there's one thing I enjoy more than chocolate, it's a good adventure! Ever since I was a kid I would try to get lost exploring the bustling streets of Singapore.  I watched the world travelers filter through with stories of mountain escapes and distant temples.


Later, I followed their footsteps in adventures extending from the outer islands of Indonesia, surfing, diving, crewing on sailboats, to solo trips to the Himalayas and hitchhiking from Hanoi to Saigon.


Occasionally, sadly, I found myself unimpressed with the local morning brew...


I wanted to make an incredible mocha which can be made using just hot water.  So whether you find yourself waking up in a Tokyo airport, or on the top of a Himalayan Mountain range, you can still make the most amazing mocha ever!